Accounts and Files

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Accounts on the Cluster are the same as the ones on the BluePC network; this means the same username, password and user ID. User management is done using the web application which also manages the users for the BluePCs. Authentication between BluePCs and Cluster is done automatically, so no password is asked when connecting from the BluePCs to the Cluster.

On the cluster computers there are two or three partitions of interest to users, as follows:

/home (read-write) is the default storage for user files; each username has a folder under his/her name here. Please note that because the Cluster is still being installed the files you'll keep here are neither backed-up nor guaranteed; only store here files which you can afford to loose. Store important files on the BluePCs only. On tau this is an actual partition, on all the other computers this is a NFS mount.

  • /Lmn (read-only) is a copy of the home directories from the BluePC network. As it's mounted readonly it can only be used to copy files from the BluePC network to the Cluster and not the other way; in order to copy files back from the Cluster to BluePC's initiate a scp or rsync command from the BluePC.
  • /Disk (read-write) exists on all nodes except the master one, tau, and is a local partition. Here temporary files which are not meant to be served over NFS can be kept. Files here are not backed up, neither now nor in the future.